Provimi has a range of premixes available supplying the nutritional requirements of all dairy animals from the birth of the calf right through to calving and peak lactation. By combining effective feed formulation, with optimum macro and micro mineral supplementation, Provimi lays the foundation for feeding the dairy herd. A wide range of feed additives and speciality products is then used to find optimal profitability in individual herds.

Dealing with high environmental temperature is a challenge for dairy cows,especially if high humidity restricts their ability to lose heat. Temperature and humidity can be combined mathematically in a single index of environmental heat load – the Temperature Humidity Index, or THI. In addition, cows generate significant body heat through their own metabolism and, in particular, through fermentation in the rumen. When total heat load (external and internal) exceedsthe cow’s ability to lose heat, it becomes heat stress.

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Beef and Sheep

Lamb and beef meat prices on the increase and a bigger demand for heavy carcasses have both contributed to the increased interest in feedlots.

Under feedlot conditions animals are sensitive to trace mineral imbalances. Since copper-molybdenum-sulphur levels interact with each other, these trace minerals must be included in adequate amounts to prevent imbalances and reduced performance.

Selenium is also of concern, especially in areas that have a high incidence of white muscle disease. Vitamins A, B1, D and E are important for finishing animals and usually to be supplemented in finishing rations.

Many farms in South Africa are run extensively with animals grazing veld/pasture. Provimi has a variety of solutions including lick premixes for veld and pasture during summer or winter. Licks are an excellent solution for maximising intake of the cheapest nutritional source for the farmer; grazing or veld. Hand in hand with this we are able to formulate various licks for the different needs of the animals such as mineral, production and energy licks.

We also offer standard and customised premixes and basemixes (medicated or non-medicated).

We have a strategic alliance with Allied Nutrition who has a full range of approved additives. 
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