Quality is key in the strategy of Provimi.
The client of the endproduct expects high quality products, which meets all the requirements.

Quality systems are integral in businesses which aim to be a fore-runner in their industry. These management systems are needed in all areas of activity, whether large or small, manufacturing, service or public sectors.

The advantages of systems in manufacturing are obvious, no matter where it is implemented, a good management system will improve process control, reduce wastage, lower costs, increase market share or funding, facilitate training, involve staff and raise morale.

Provimi, as a fore-runner in its industry, has ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 and 20 KEYS in place which keeps them well ahead of the “pack”. These systems keep Provimi compliant not only within the boundaries of South Africa, but compliance to EU standards ensure an even higher quality status than just local laws. This is extremely critical as many of Provimi’s products cross South African borders into other African nations.

Locally, Provimi suppliers are routinely audited by the Quality Assurance Officer, Supply Chai Manager and Procurement to ensure compliance to the systems in place. The hygienic storage of materials, handling, traceability and document control are closely monitored.

Provimi itself will undergo both internal and external audits to ensure continuous improvement and compliance to all standards in place. Internal audits are performed by the Quality Assurance Officer while the external audits are done by an independent, accredited auditing firm e.g. SABS.

An appropriate quality management system, like the one at Provimi, will enable the objectives set out in the quality policy to be accomplished and to ensure that the specified customer requirements are met.

The Provimi systems apply to and interact with all processes within the organisation. It begins with the identification of the customer requirements and ends with their satisfaction at every interface. This has ensured that Provimi has, and always will be, a leader and innovator in the animal premix industry due to their unwavering commitment to customers at every level.