About Provimi

From the beginning of the thirties, Provimi is one of the leaders in the international animal nutrition industry. After the fifties, in which Provimi experienced a dynamic growth within Europe, the company expanded to other continents such as the Middle East, Far East, Americas and Africa. Provimi developed itself as a pioneer in formulating premixes and concentrates based on local circumstances. This is still visible in the international animal nutrition industry.

At the moment Provimi is a leading producer of animal feeds, specializing in the development and production of premixes, concentrates, additives and specialties, such as piglet feeds and calf milk replacers. The products are produced in our plant in Rotterdam and find their way to dealers and farmers in more than 100 countries.

Our key-objectives are research and development and the production of high quality products. All our products and programs are tested thoroughly before being introduced to the market. Provimi also has a fully equipped laboratory, where all raw materials and end products are being tested. We can also offer you, as a customer, a special rate to analyze your raw materials and end products.

Provimi B.V., a company of Cargill, is active world wide in the agricultural sector. Their activities range the development, production and marketing of animal feeds and feed technology, to trading of raw materials.


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