Provimi Poultry Program
Provimi has been a leading force in the global poultry feed industry for the past 80 years, and with continued developments and improvements in our programs we have maintained this leading role. Our poultry programs and products are tested and improved constantly under a wide range of conditions through our global network of research facilities. 

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Broiler Feeding Programs



To maximise efficiency and profitability in broiler production, it is necessary to select a feeding program designed to produce a bird that meets your market requirements and suits your own management system. Provimi will create the optimal feed formulations for your specific situation which will help to maximise profitability.

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Stress relief pack
Changes in management routines or the environment can cause stress for poultry. Typical examples are a change in diet, changing feeding times, a change in micro-climate or vaccination. These changes should be minimised as much as possible, but the effects of stress can be reduced when they occur.

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Cobind B
The extensive transport of cereals all over the world has made mycotoxins a global problem. Ten years ago only some parts of the world had problems with certain mycotoxins. Now the occurance and diversity of mycotoxins has become a global problem. For this reason, Provimi has launched a new and highly effective broad spectrum mycotoxin binder: Cobind B. 

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Feeding young poultry is a challenge for several reasons. The intestinal tract is not fully developed when the first feed is ingested and the activity of digestive enzymes is low after hatch. That means that complex nutrients are not utilized efficiently during a period of which growth and development progresses rapidly and dietary needs are high. The limited digestible capacity during the first days requires a special diet that contains easily digestible protein and fat sources.

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Power Layer Program
In the layer industry we identify three main production goals:
• High number of eggs, independent of egg weight
• High egg mass (= egg weight x laying percentage)
• Optimal weight class, or maximum egg weight

Based on research and experience, Provimi can create the optimal program for all three production goals, taking into account factors such as customer requirements, feed intake, used raw materials, breed and system (cage, barn, free range, organic).

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ProDry AF
Wet litter is one of the largest problems in the poultry industry. Main factors affect the prevalence of wet litter are management and housing of birds, disease control, dietary factors and gut health. Wet litter problems result in large economical losses through reduced performance and health status and increased labour and heating costs as well as producer dissatisfaction and processing losses.

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Other poultry
For other species such as ducks, turkey and ostriches Provimi is your partner.
For more information, please feel free to contact one of our poultry specialists by sending an email to info@provimi.nl.