Besides complete products and programs Provimi B.V. offers a wide range of additives. These products are based on extensive research at our own research facilities and renowned research institutes.

For piglets Cinergy has been developed. A unique combination of essential oils on a carrier. In combination with ProHacid, a mixture of organic acids, there is a safe foundation for AGP-free diets.

For broilers and turkeys the unique well-balanced combination of essential oils and organic acids, Biacid is developed, for AGP free programs.

Beyond the mentioned products for AGP-free rations we have developed products, which improve the technical results of layers and parent stock. Provimax is a combination of organic acids and salts of organic acids. In older animals Provimax improves the technical results. In layers  an improvement in laying persistency and a positive effect on eggshell quality is observed. In breeders the Provimax improved the quality of day old chicks is besides the improvement of eggshell quality and laying persistency.