Livelle™ sow programme

Provimi’s solution for optimal sow performance

During the past decade sow production has increased dramatically. In Western Europe the top 10 producing farms wean more than 35 piglets per sow, per year. As would be expected,  sows on these farms require optimal nutrition as well as optimal management. With regard to nutrition, this means specialised diets that support the sow during every part of her production cycle.

The Livelle™ programme is a complete sow programme focussing on highly specified premixes and concentrates which are aligned to optimise sow production. Livelle™ can be tailored to farm-specific circumstances, i.e. production levels, sow breed and available raw materials. Our specialised advisers can also help you with practical tools to increase your production.
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Sow specialties featured in Livelle™ are:
• Provilyt