The Irish Provimi pig team offers a range of well-established, tried and tested products that producers have come to rely on as part of their feed management. And, supported with technical expertise, it also brings the latest nutritional developments to the UK market. New and enhanced products developed through the company are trialled through Provimi’s network of research farms and laboratories as well as on commercial units locally.

Today’s pig production systems require a nutritional programme that will help protect pigs against any health issues and one that will support both sow and young piglet as they face the challenges of larger litter sizes.

Provimi's pig products

Neopigg RescueCare program
Neopigg® RescueCare is a unique liquid feeding program for piglets and is developed by Cargill specifically for European pig producers, integrating 7 years of developments from their liquid neonatal nutrition. Neopigg® RescueCare combines a high quality liquid feeding program with modern automated feeding equipment.

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Micum Technology is the production of feeds with high absorption capacity. Combined with water and gastric juices, Micrum products form a gel. This gel is highly digestible and the piglet experiences an even gut fill, in contrast to a pellet or mash based diet.

Mircum feeds improve performance in the weaning period and help achieve high pre and post weaning feed intakes, together with homogenous gut fill, to prevent gastro intestinal problems. 

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An ultra-absorbent bedding conditioner. NaturClean is a natural mineral with exceptional levels of absorbency and contains a highly effective disinfectant. Used as a powder, it is convenient, easy to apply and environmentally friendly.

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