Provimi calf milk replacer range

The ProviMilk range of calf milk replacers incorporate new ingredient technologies to improve milk characteristics and animal performance. Carefully selected ingredients provide protein and oil in forms that are easily digestible for young calves. The range also includes an advanced trace element and vitamin package tailored to meet the
requirements of rapidly developing calves. ProviMilk milk replacers have been developed to mix easily and are highly palatable with distinctive flavouring – important features for stabilising intakes in young calves.

All ProviMilk milk replacers contain the gut conditioning package NuStart – a unique combination of essential oils, prebiotics, probiotics and natural antioxidants.

The ProviMilk range

ProviMilk Fastgro
• Whey based milk powder
• Includes high levels of dairy protein combined 
  with moderate amounts of non-milk proteins
• Enhances early growth rates
• Encourages meal intake and maximizes
  rumen development
• Provides cost efficient calf rearing
Suitable for early weaning systems

ProviMilk Daisy

• Whey based
• High levels of dairy protein combined with
  moderate amounts of non-milk proteins
• Enhanced early growth rate
• Cost efficient calf rearing
Gives strong performance in both dairy and beef calves

ProviMilk Professional

• Skim milk based
• High levels of dairy protein combined with
  moderate amounts of non-milk proteins
• Promotes rapid early growth
For the professional calf rearer -
high performance at affordable cost

ProviMilk Prestige

• Skim milk based
• All dairy protein
• Enhanced early growth rate
• Excellent physical features
Combining the reassurance of a top quality
skim with excellent performance

ProviMilk Elevator
• Whey based
• Promotes early lean tissue gain
• Improved lifetime performance
• High quality protein profile
Superior replacement heifer rearing