About Provimi

Provimi is a world leader in the supply of animal nutrition products and services to meet the needs of livestock producers. It has been at the forefront of its industry for more than 85 years and its team of 450 in-house scientists are challenged daily with developing and improved animal nutrition solutions. Constant evolution is at the core of Provimi’s activities. And it continues to be committed to shaping tomorrow’s nutrition while respecting the environment and animal welfare and contributing to food safety.

Provimi offers a range of well-established, tried and tested products that producers have come to rely on as part of their feed management. And, supported with technical expertise, it also brings the latest nutritional developments to the UK market. New and enhanced products developed through the company are trialled through Provimi’s  network of research farms and laboratories as well as on commercial units locally.

Customer support and service is a key factor in Provimi’s success in the UK and the ruminant team offers advice on products, formulation and manufacture, sales and marketing, after-sales support in factories and on farm. 

Provimi has made significant investment in the Mill at Dalton, North Yorkshire to upgrade the production facilities with greater flexibility and the opportunity to contract manufacture customised products for customers.  Provimi is committed to UK agriculture for years to come. 


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