Provimi Piglet Program

Your piglets: the future of your business! 

Provimi has been a leading authority in the animal feed industry for more than 80 years. The continuous development of new feeding systems and enhanced products confirms our leading position in piglet feeds. Currently, more than 150 million piglets worldwide are raised each year on Provimi's piglet feeds.

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Pig breeders often encounter problems with the health of their piglets and result in the use of medication. Increasing legislation and consumer concerns are driving the pig industry to reduce use of antibiotics. Less antibiotics could lead to more health problems. Provimi has developed HealthyPig to tackle this dilemma.

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Litter size has increased rapidly in recent years. This positive trend has unfortunately led to a decrease in birth weight and weaning weight of piglets.
To improve the weaning weight of piglets, Provimi has developed the HeavyPig feeding program. By focusing on feed management and higher quality products, faster growth rates and better uniformity of litters are obtained.

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Neopigg RescueCare program


Neopigg® RescueCare enables you to meet your piglet's feed requirements up till weaning, by specialized, automated equipment that can provide fresh liquid feed 24 hours a day.

  • Neopigg® RescueMilk: Highly digestible milk replacer
  • Neopigg® Smooth: liquid pre-starter


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Micrum Technology
The weaning period is a very stressful moment in the life of every piglet. They move to a new environment and feed intake drops as a result. They experience the ‘weaning dip'. High pre and post weaning feed intakes, together with homogenous gut fill, are essential to prevent gastro intestinal problems. To improve performance in this period Provimi has developed the innovative Micrum Technology. Micrum feeds have been shown to successfully improve piglet performance through optimal feed intake.

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