The Provimi laboratory is a modern automated laboratory with years of experience in analysis for national and international clients in the compound feed / premix industry. The main activity of the lab is Quality Control for Provimi's manufacturing facilities in North West Europe, and analysis support for Provimi's Research organization Feed Solutions. We also provide analysis for clients on a commercial basis.

Supported by modern ICP techniques, ELISA, ion chromatography, spectrometry, nitrogen analysis according to Dumas our highly trained analysts strive for maximum customer satisfaction. Our mission: To deliver high quality service at a reasonable price.

The quality of our work is regularly reviewed by the competent authorities. The laboratory is GMP B10 certified for analysis as can be found on the website under number 17976.



The laboratory extended the service in recent years in the direction of digestibility trials. In vitro protein digestibility and glycemic index tests are routinely performed. This extremely useful but labor-intensive tests are also transferred to the NIR technique.

Analysis package
We can offer a complete analysis package. Both nutritional tests as undesirable substances such as salmonella, mycotoxins testing, we can perform for you.

Our package includes the following analysis:
- Weende analysis (Protein, fat, fiber, moisture, ash)
- Starch and total sugar
- (Heavy) metals / minerals
- Chloride / sulphate / nitrate
- Mycotoxins DON and ZEA
- NIR Analysis
- In vitro protein digestibility
- Fat quality (FFA, peroxide value, dirt)
- Mineral solubility
- Buffering capacity
- WOV (Water obtainable volume)
- Physical tests: Sieve analysis (particle size), density, etc. valhoek

Please download our sample registration form to get a complete overview of all the possible analyses.

Response time
Most analytical results are reported within 5 days working days. Analyses with a longer run time are reported within 10 working days. Obviously we can offer faster analysis if needed.

Reports can be delivered via traditional mail, email in pdf format or fax messages. We are able to export via XML to report undesirable substances results to the PDV database automatically.

NIR Network
With NIR (Near Infra Red) technology raw materials and feeds are quickly and reliably measured in organic composition. With the actual levels known in the raw materials, feeds are accurately prepared and the animals can be fed to specific needs.

Provimi has a worldwide network of Provimi NIR devices at both production sites and customer locations. The network is growing rapidly and counts more than 225 devices. Provimi calibration lines can offer a wide range of raw materials and finished products. The data is generated worldwide by several Provimi laboratories. We guarantee immediate and expert assistance in the implementation and further support in the future.