For fatteners Provimi has developed a modular feeding program. We are able to offer our customers custom made feeds. Research is the basis for this by Provimi developed feeding program. Health of the pig, good technical results and low costs of the feeding concept are the starting points. Above this, items like uniformity of the pigs, meat quality and environmental profit are also kept in mind. This results in a feeding concept which is better for you and your pigs, but also has higher return on investment.

The basis of this feeding program are:
- Race of the pig - Provimi nutrient standards
- CVB values of the raw materials
- Availability of raw materials
- Prices of the available raw materials

The custom made Provimi premix with all the needed high quality vitamins and minerals can be carried out with:
- Cinergy
- Provizym-Cera
- No heat stress
- Improvement of meat quality
- Health improvers
- Environmental concept